Quality for all process.

Track your processes in a short time. Qualid is the solution that facilitates the implementation, improvement and optimization of your quality system. Allowing to automate the control of the management system for any standard, especially ISO 9001.


Qualid allows to boost the efficiency of processes

We offer a flexible and scalable platform, with a series of parameters previously configured that will allow you to start using the system in a short time.

We can make adaptations or modifications according to the business need. Qualid becomes your ally for the automation of your Quality Management System under any standard ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 28000, ISO 27001, etc.

process module


Configure your processes and indicators of the management system, as well as those responsible, the resources, activities and monitoring of non-conformities.

audits module


Schedule audits and manage auditors. Through checklists, you will be able to manage the activities and findings that are identified, and you will also be able to generate reports with the conclusions.

Risk module


Manage your budget through different parameters, such as department, accounting account, products, etc. Import your accounting records and view them in a Power BI dashboard.


Qualid will achieve a correct integration of the processes

Our platform allows you to document processes, procedures, and responsibilities to achieve quality policies and objectives.

Qualid is the right tool to identify the necessary improvements and increase the hard quality index in a proactive and visual management focused on adding value to the client.

plan module


Define strategic objectives and follow up easily through action plans and individual or collective tasks.

risk module


Identify the risks of the process, carry out the risk assessment, establish the causes and actions for monitoring and analysis.

Bi module


Bi module allows you to analyze documents, audits, non-conformities, indicators, among others, through graphs and data crossing.

The quality solution for all your needs

You can schedule a 20-minute demo where we will show the life cycle of a quality management process and the modules involved. If you want to consult something in particular you can also contact us.

Bi module

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