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Web Development

Web development allows your business to take off by automating services or internet presence.

This is one of the most offered services in our company. We pay special attention to the identification of requirements, in order to design a detailed schedule and meet delivery dates.

We have developed web applications in different sectors of society, from clinical agendas in the medical sector to financial systems, GPS, evaluations, among others.

web development
web development

Quality Management Systems

We develop a quality management system (QMS) which will allow you to document the processes, procedures and responsibilities to achieve quality policies and objectives.

The system aims to facilitate the management and implementation of processes, following the standards (ISO) worldwide. Our platform is divided into different modules that will allow you to better trace your processes.

We invite you to visit our tool and try the demo, you can also contact us to make a presentation or obtain a quote for the implementation of our tool in your quality system.

Document Management System

Our document management system ensures your information in an organized and efficient way, favoring business productivity.

We developed our document management system where we integrate different functionalities such as an approval process for each new version of the document, traceability, expiration alerts, among others.

We offer a platform made with a selected package of technologies in which we prioritize the security and recovery of documents or files, the platform is linked to the AWS S3 service which provides more benefits in security and availability of information.

web development
web development

Power BI & Big Data

Design of Power BI dashboards by previously analyzing and cleaning your information.

One of our main services is the preparation of an ETL process (extraction, transformation and loading of information), which we load on a platform adapted according to the source information and from this platform we carry out the cleaning and transformation to later show them on dashboards. BI

We can automate the ETL process by allowing the user to query BI dashboards with real-time information, as well as schedule automatic alerts.

Cloud & DevOps

Whether your organization is large or an SME, the adoption of the cloud and the DevOps culture are essential in the development of IT projects for your digital transformation.

We help you get your products to market faster, thanks to the availability of development environments and simplified development processes

With the implementation of Cloud and Devops you can have the governance, vision and control you need to accelerate your business, with multi-vendor cloud solutions.

web development

Enterprise Software, ERP, CRM

We guide you in the selection and implementation of your ERP or CRM system

We also have a comprehensive solution for accounting and financial management integrated with a business intelligence system, facilitating control and decision-making within the organization.

We invite you to get in touch to find out your needs and find the most suitable products according to your objectives and current market options.

MVP Software Development

In our projects we apply MVP (Minimum Viable Product) tools to launch your product to the market in the shortest possible time.

We reduce implementation costs, avoid large capital losses, help you engage directly with customers and analyze their behavior, etc.

Among our tools, we highlight online surveys, creation of landing pages, Crash test (product approximation) among others. You can contact us and we will gladly help you digitize your business model or optimize operations within the company with technology. This in order to be more efficient, productive and up to date with market trends.

MVP Software Development

Projects and services we provide

At the moment we are a small software development company specializing in web and mobile development. We consider our clients a key piece for our growth, which is why we try to deliver on time and with quality.

We provide transparency throughout the project life cycle, if we detect any failure we focus on finding solutions and completing the project. We take care of the trust that our clients can place in us.


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