Diagnosis of patrimonial state

System designed for financial advisors, where they can evaluate the status of assets, properties, investments, vehicles and other assets. In addition, provide detailed information through a patrimonial report

DSP - Empbi


The system has a repository of questions and answers which, when conducting an interview with the client, can be selected and thus make up the diagnosis.

Preguntas DSP

Patrimonial Detail

You can record client's patrimonial information and generate a patrimonial consolidated.

  • Sources of income
  • Sources of expenses
  • Insurance
  • Detail of bank accounts
  • Anonymous Societies
  • Private Interest Foundation
  • Operating businesses
Detalle Patrimonial DSP


In the system you can record the short, intermediate and long-term objectives, as well as the consultant's recommendations. Each client can have different diagnoses that will allow the manager to maintain an orderly management of client information.

Asesores DSP

Financial Calculator

It has a compound interest calculator which is used to carry out a patrimonial thesis, the information and graphics generated in the calculator are printed in the report.

Calculadora financiera DSP


The system generates a report that can be saved in pdf, excel, or word. In addition, it has an option to edit the content of the report.

Reporte DSP


It has an API, which allows it to be integrated with other tools, either to obtain or share information registered in the system.

Reporte DSP

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